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As a graduate student at Cornell I have gained considerable teaching experience as a teaching assistant and designing and teaching my own courses. Below you will find information on past courses I have taught, as well as courses I am prepared to teach in the future. For student evaluations of past courses I have taught, please click here.

Prospective Course Offerings

​Introduction to Comparative Politics
Comparative Politics of Latin America
Inequality and Citizenship
Race and Ethnicity in Latin America
Comparative Ethnic and Identity Politics
Political Economy of Development
Social Movements and Contentious Politics
Comparative and Qualitative Research Methods
Field Research Methods

Teaching Experience

Identity Politics and Political Identities (first-year writing seminar), Spring 2018
Foreign Languages across the Curriculum, Spanish-language discussion for Latin American Politics, Spring 2015

Teaching Assistant
Populism, Democracy, and Authoritarianism, Fall 2017
Introduction to Comparative Politics, Spring 2016
Introduction to Probability and Statistics (Graduate), Fall 2015
Comparative Politics of Latin America
American Political Thought, Fall 2014